Mitzi Scott, R.I.P.

4 05 2012

Mrs. Raymond “Mitzi” Scott
(18 July 1918 – 3 May 2012)



4 responses

4 05 2012
Benno Schoberth

I’m so sorry for your loss, Stan, and my thoughts are with you.


5 05 2012
Kimmen Sjolander

Aunt Mitzi drove all the way up from Los Angeles to dance at my wedding reception in Lafayette (northern California). This was in 2000, and she was still so vibrant, lovely and a brilliant dancer. We spoke last a year or two ago. I had been planning to visit her again… What a wonderful woman. I’m so sorry to hear of her death.

11 12 2012
Peter Riola

Loved Mitzi. We loved going to the theatre and listening to opera. You are family. Miss you!

6 08 2013
Steven Gongadin Lederman

I was just re-reading some of her letters. I really enjoyed our correspondence. R.I.P. Mitzi.

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