5 12 2012

11557132-103819300We’re trying something new — some independent filmmakers are adding other merchandise besides the film itself as a way to augment our almost always minimal income, and we’re joining that movement. It’s a way you can get Raymond Scott and Deconstructing Dad related merchandise, and continue to support the film, plus by wearing this stuff you’ll help spread the word….

We’ve set up a small online shop via a company called Spreadshirt where you can see what’s available and order, and of course I’m hoping you do! Here’s a link to the new Merch Table page on this site, which has more details and backstory, or click here to go to the store. Electronium T Shirt DetailThanks!

—Stan Warnow



One response

5 12 2012
markdirelandMark Ireland

I would like to arrange to screen this documentary in Melbourne Australia

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