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2 02 2008
Jeremy Cohen

Hey Stan,
this looks great! Looks like it’s coming together nicely. We are in the final throws of trying to get WB to let us tour playing live soundtrack to some cartoons. If we get our yes, we will be talking about a show to tour with some of your stuff in it as well. I’ll update you when I have anything concrete. Hope you are well and we hope to see you both soon.

2 02 2008
Charles Dickinger

Sure, I’ll be first! Stan, good luck on what appears to be a fabulous and important work. It will open up the amazing legacy of Raymond Scott to the world! I also expect the process of making this film has answered many questions for you, and hopefully has and will do so for others in the Raymond Scott family. He may have had his faults, but he was a giant!

3 02 2008
Mark Thompson

A fascinating and comprehensive portrait of a complicated man. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product.

4 02 2008
Raymond Delepierre

Chér Stan,

C’est déja un grand voyage que vous nous offrez avec ces quelques passionnantes minutes de témoignages qui nous révèles la complexité de cet homme.
Du génie à l’impossible de Raymond Scott.

Merci pour tout cela.


4 02 2008
Stan Warnow

Thanks to all who have responded so far, your support is vital for us!

and for Raymond Delepierre:

Merci pour votre réponse. Nous sommes exaltés de savoir que les gens dans le monde répondent à la vie et à la musique de Raymond Scott.

7 02 2008
Bob Ravens

Wow Stan…
Loved the Trailer and can’t wait to see the finished product.
Great job.

13 10 2008
Bear McCreary

Hey Stan… this trailer is really exciting. I eagerly look forward to checking out this film. I knew very little of Raymond Scott until recently and I’m amazed at all he accomplished.

Best of luck with it!

18 02 2009
Sean Carruthers

Looks great – definitely looking forward to seeing the final film too.

24 02 2009
Jim Goodin

Stan I was led here by your posting on Mandy, I’ll send you a note through that of my interest. This is really great.

30 04 2009
Jason Hixon

So it turns out I have been listening to your father’s music for my entire life, but until today I had no idea. After some searching I found myself here, after having purchased “Manhattan Research Inc.” I was totally intrigued by this music, and the man behind the sound. It seems your father was quite an interesting individual indeed and I look forward to this documentary! How will this be released? Digital? Theatrical? Direct? I am very interested.

10 08 2009
Jim Tobias

I understand that the film is now out — but where? Please add this info to your website so we fans can get a glimpse!

11 08 2009
Stan Warnow

While the film has been shown at the Biografilm Festival it wasn’t quite the final version. So it’s not yet out yet, but will be finished within a month or two, and then I’ll be decided how to proceed with distribution from there. You can be assured that all relevant news about releases, festival appearances etc will be posted here first, and on as well.

8 10 2009
Raymond Scott: tra jazz, Bugs Bunny e Aphex Twin | Guylum Bardot

[…] questo invece è un blog a lui dedicato, dove tra l’altro scopro l’esistenza di un documentario a lui dedicato. Post scritto da finegarten , il giovedì ottobre 08 2009 alle 02:10 pm , in […]

6 12 2009

Just saw the documentary at a local festival here in Portugal. I must say it was an experience for me. I’m 25 years old and I grew up listening to your dad without even knowing! It was wonderful to know how electronic music started and it was delightful to aknowledge the genius that he was. The film is beautifully made, so personal, loved the photographs and interviews, I almost felt like I was there, behind the camera with you! He was a truly fascinating man and I left the theatre thinking “everyone has to know him, and what he’s done”. Thank you for showing me another person to really admire. All the best!!!

29 06 2010
Frank Perrone

Hey Stan,

Your lovely wife gave me the website and I have to say I’m glad she did. You should be very proud of your dad just from the trailer I can tell he was an amazing man.

Be Well

P.S Hows the court

16 08 2010
Ryan Weinstein

Very much looking forward to seeing the final version. The preview looks incredible.


8 03 2013
Jesse Campbell

read about this months ago, cannot wait to see it this weekend at the Guild here in ABQ

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