Mitzi Scott…..

4 05 2012


As Jeff Winner posted briefly a little while ago, Raymond Scott’s widow Mitzi left us behind yesterday, May 3rd, six weeks after her diagnosis with lung cancer.
My father was lucky to have Mitzi as his wife, first as a wonderful companion and helpmate in many aspects of his personal and professional life, and then later as equally wonderful caregiver.  She was a compassionate and caring soul, and all of us in the extended family of Raymond Scott, the worldwid community of relatives, friends and those who curate his legacy in many different ways are feeling the loss. I do think for all of us the loss is tempered a bit by knowing she had led a rich and full life, and was active and independent till very near the end.

Also, as well as  being one of the most spirited and entertaining characters in the film, she was a generous supporter of my efforts from early on, and I’ll be grateful for that support forever.
–Stan Warnow



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26 06 2012
Tom Rhea.

I am greatly saddened to learn of Mitzi’s passing. The love between her and Raymond was palpable when I visited them at 3 Willow Park Center, so many years ago.

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