L.A. Showing! Don’t Knock The Rock Fest

25 06 2010

More great news–the film will be showing on August 5th at the DON’T KNOCK THE ROCK festival in L.A. , a thrilling development for me.  This true film lovers film/music festival is a personal project of famed director ALLISON ANDERS (Gas Food Lodging, Grace of My Heart) and her music supervisor daughter TIFFANY. It runs Thursdays throughout the summer and is produced in association with the folks at the ultimate film lovers group CINEFAMILY. The venue, which is run by Cinefamily, is the historic Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax.  And part two of the program will be a special tour through Raymond Scott music in the Looney Tunes cartoons by animation historian and author JERRY BECK.

Naturally I’m going to be there,  haven’t been out to L.A. in well over a year and looking forward to seeing all my West coast friends and participating in this very special event.  I’ll be posting with more details over the next several weeks…



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