Carmel Film & Art Festival — and KLIK Report

28 09 2010

Just found out yesterday that the film has been accepted for the Carmel Art & Film Festival in, yes, beautiful Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.  And the screening is set for Friday, October 8th.  (Word to the wise–I didn’t find out about it till yesterday because their earlier notification to me somehow ended up in my gmail spam folder, which hardly ever traps anything, so don’t forget to regularly check your spam)!  Anyhow I will be attending as it’s the first San Francisco regional screening, and not only does it shape up as a cool festival in a cool place, my 3 sons all live in the  Bay Area and at least two will be attending (in totally unrelated plug, my youngest son Jon won’t be able to attend because, the environmental organization he co-founded is sponsoring a big 10/10/10 event and he’s working round the clock on that–check out the link above for more info).

Dario van Vree--Festival Director, Me and Lucy van Kleef who was a big help to me and other guests as International Co-ordinator

But getting back to cool festivals, my visit to the KLIK  Animation Festival in Amsterdam last week was just wonderful.  It’s a great event in a great city and run by a dedicated team of animators and animation enthusiasts, and I got to see a lot of terrific animation, and show the film to an audience that had a lot of animators in it.  I was a bit worried about how my documentary that covers the whole Raymond Scott story, of which the animation use of his music is only a part, would be received–but fortunately the reception was very enthusiastic and I got to meet a lot of new people and introduce a fair number of them to the story of Raymond Scott and his music–and of course introducing new audiences to my Dad’s music and accomplishments is one of the main reasons I’ve done my film!  So thanks again to Dario van Vree and his whole team of dedicated workers for a great time in Amsterdam.



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