Carmel Art and Film Fest–and on to Manchester

15 10 2010


From L to R: Stan Warnow, film poster, Festival Programmer extrordinaire Scott Parejo


Finally have a few minutes for a report from Carmel Art and Film Festival–it was a lovely few days in that beautiful part of the world, had a really good screening and QA.  On a personal note two of my three sons were able to attend as they live in the Bay Area, and this was the first time they had seen the film with an audience and seen me as a filmmaker answering questions at a screening, so that was kind of cool.  Met some local filmmakers and saw some good films, and got to enjoy some beautiful weather and scenery.  So thanks again to festival programmer Scott Parejo,  and everyone else on the festival staff for a great time in Carmel.

And for those of you in the UK,  next up is the event in Manchester, England


Click Above for Event Website


on November 7th.  Here’s a link to the website,  I’ll be posting with more detail soon, but it’s shaping up as a very special event–conceived and executed by Manchester’s multi talented DJ, designer and principle of Snip-Snap music JON KRAUS.  The whole thing is dedicated to Raymond Scott, there will be music performances, DJ’s and more….quite amazing!  And I will be in Manchester for the event.  Really looking forward to it….



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