Reel Music Festival — Portland — January 16th

12 01 2011
Next screening of the film will be at the 28th annual Reel Music Festival on January 16th at 5 pm at the Whitsell Auditorium in the Portland Art Museum.  This festival  celebrates “the unexpected stories behind some of the world’s greatest music, with films spotlighting the incongruous, transformative, and sometimes bizarre origins of songs we sing every day.”  Details: here. Unfortunately, though I’d hoped to attend,  due to some scheduling conflicts I won’t be able to attend this screening — but if you’re in the Portland area, I hope you can!  Also, a quick report on the Calgary Soundasaurus event last weekend.  It was

(Right to Left) David Kean, Jodi Lucas, The Clavivox and Me...

another very successful screening with a near-capacity crowd in the 18o seat theater.  On display was the sole remaining Clavivox — thanks to the Cantos Foundation for lending it out for the evening, and to David Kean of Audites for his expert moderation of the Q&A which included detailed discussion of Clavivox history.  And huge thanks also to Jodi Lucas of Soundasaurus/EPCOR Centre for making this whole event happen…



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