Critic’s Choice Award at Sebastopol Festival

27 03 2011

I’m delighted to report that the film won the Critic’s Award — one of the two awards for feature-length films given at the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, held  March 18th-20th.  I was totally surprised by this and it made a great festival that much better.  I was able to be there for the entire festival and it was a wonderful few days.  The festival did a great job hosting the filmmakers, the audiences were large and very supportive of all the films, I got to see a lot of excellent work, and as a California Wine Country Festival, the food and drink were uniformly superb.  It’s easy to see why it was called one of the “25 Coolest Film Festivals” by Movie Maker magazine.  Thanks again to Jason Perdue and everyone on the mostly volunteer festival staff for putting on such a superb event.



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