Screenings April 19th & 22nd

12 04 2011

Center For The Digital ArtsTwo screenings coming up in the next week. First is in Peekskill, NY at the Center for The Digital Arts at Peekskill Community college. So for those of you living  to the North of NYC, it’s an easy trip. And as that’s where I live it’s an easy trip for me and I will be there and doing a QA — in fact the event is called “Meet The Filmmaker.”  Plus, it’s FREE   Time and date Tuesday evening, April 19th, and here’s a link to more info. ( FOR ANYONE WHO CHECKS TODAY,  April 19th–somehow the date on the link reverted to a default of December 31, 1969–those dang computers!  And the time is off too, The correct date and time are TONIGHT APRIL 19TH 7 PM!) Sorry for my mistake!

Together Festival Boston

And then for those in the Boston area, the film is being shown as part of the Together festival, which is another cool electronic music fest that is devoted to “Music, Art and Technology. The screening is on Friday, April 22nd at the Berklee College of Music. Professor of Music Synthesis, and former Raymond Scott colleague, Thomas (Tom) Rhea, Ph.D (who is in the film) will attend, speak, and he and I will do  a Q&A.   And this is another FREE event.  Sponsors and partners include Grooveshark®, Ninja TuneLive Nation®, Vitamin Water®, and Red Bull Music Academy®. Details: here. THE NEW YORK TIMES wrote about the fest: “Techno has grown up, and so have its fans. David Day, 35, is such a regular that he started his own festival, Together, in Boston. ‘I go to these festivals to be with like-minded people who also live and breathe electronic music.’  Here’s a link. Address of venue for tonight’s screening is: 22 The Fenway, Rm F12, Boston, MA

Hope to see you there!

And a quick look back and thanks to Andy Battaglia and everyone at the Unsound Festival for making last weekend’s East Village screening a full house success.



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