September 10, 1908… Raymond Scott’s Birthday…

10 09 2011

Yup, today’s the day, Raymond Scott was born 103 years ago on September 10, 1908.  A while ago Jeff Winner noted on the Raymond Scot Blog that “On September 9, 1908, Orville Wright made the first experimental powered flight in a heavier than air machine.  The following day, coincidentally, Raymond Scott was born.”  Have to admit I hadn’t previously been aware of that coincidence, but it sure seems like an appropriate juxtaposition as like the Wright Brothers, my dad was always looking for ways to move technology into the future as well as being fascinated about what the future would bring in all fields of endeavor.  And as Jeff pointed out, “in 1949 he would write ‘Dedicatory Piece to the Crew and Passengers of the First Experimental Rocket Express to the Moon,’ while aviators progressed from Kitty Hawk to the moon,” my father went from a player piano to synthesizers and sequencers.

(A bit of a digression is tempting here-there is some controversial but fascinating evidence that a farmer/inventor in New Zealand named Richard Pearce achieved his own heavier than air powered flight 8 months earlier, though that’s another story–but one with definite parallels to Raymond Scott’s i.e. — not being recognized for being the first).

Anyhow, back to the future, hope all Raymond Scott aficionados will note the date and raise a toast to the man born Harry Warnow as I will do later today…. and stay tuned for news about upcoming screenings!



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