Ghent (Gent) Film Festival in Belgium…

17 10 2011

Delighted to report that the film will be screened Thursday, October 20th at 2:30pm (14:30), Friday night, October 21st at 10:30pm (22:30), and Saturday night at 8pm (20:00), as part of the 38th annual Gent International Film Festival in Belgium, at the Arts Centre Vooruit.

VARIETY placed the festival in its ‘Top-50 must attend festivals of the world,” and THE WALL STREET JOURNAL has called the festival “one of the five European Film Festivals with character.”   Established in 1974, the festival has developed into one of Europe’s most prominent film festivals, attracting over 130,000 viewers each year. 

Ghent is a beautiful city, as I know from visiting about 10 years ago, and I had really hoped to attend the festival, especially as it has a particular emphasis on film music and music films, but it just isn’t possible this time around.
But hope you can!

—Stan Warnow



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