Israel Screening — Jewish Eye Film Festival

11 11 2011

Exciting News — the film is being screened in Israel at the Jewish Eye World Jewish Film Festival in Ashkelon.  The date of the screening is Tuesday, November 15th — here’s a link.  This is the eigth year of the festival which focuses on the Jewish culture and identity.  It includes films from all over the world — features, documentaries, and short films.  Worldwide, there are about one hundred festivals of Jewish films, annually, and “Jewish Eye” is rapidly gaining a high profile on this festival circuit.

Aharon Yadlin, Festival Chairman and winner of the Israel Prize 2010 said: ”The strength of Israel is not only its security and does not just summarize in its scientific and technological advancement. It is also expressed in the cultural life, in art creations.  Jewish Eye Film Festival is a cultural experience of vast erudition.”

Thanks to Gady Castel and everyone at the festival for inviting the film and me as well.  Wish I could be there but unfortunately it’s not possible at the moment.  But I hope that any of you in Israel who read this attend….



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