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The film is available for streaming and download on Vimeo in HD– Here’s a link to the order page on Vimeo .https://vimeo.com/ondemand/deconstructingdad.

Thanks and Happy Streaming!

And do want to note that though we all know that streaming is now preferred by most people,  DVDs are still available and will continue to be–there’s a lot of extra material on the DVD’s that isn’t on Vimeo, so if you want to know even more about Raymond Scott (and perhaps even listen to Stan Warnow try and make sense of his directorial and editorial process in the Director’s Commentary track), keep on reading below.

 Deluxe DVD

The deluxe edition DVD is now available! The deluxe edition includes all the content from the original plus:

  • A report on the attempted Electronium restoration in Portland, Oregon by engineer Darren Davison. You’ll get good views of the inner components of the machine and Darren explains in detail how things worked, as far as he knows.  
  • An interview with John Cool, an electrical engineer who formed a company with Raymond Scott in the early 1970s. The company was meant to manufacture some of Raymond Scott’s many ideas for music related electronic devices. John had fascinating tales to tell about Raymond Scott and the mixed results of their business venture, hosting him for Christmas and listening to him compose one tune after another instantly at the piano (kind of like the human Electronium) and much more.
  • There’s a Directors Commentary, get the story behind the story.

Plus all the original extras:

 Two scenes featuring Mark Mothersbaugh, movie soundtrack composer and DEVO co-founder

 Turntablist/producer/author DJ SPOOKY, aka Paul D. Miller

 An exploration of the mysterious 1959 album THE UNEXPECTED by Raymond Scott & The Secret Seven, the all-star jazz legends supergroup whose identities remained confidential for decades

 Tom Rhea, Ph.D (Berklee College of Music) explains Scott’s early keyboard synthesizer invention, the Clavivox

 MOOG synthesizer co-inventor, Herb Deutsch, recalls Scott describing the Electronium.

There’s about 30 minutes of extras total on the Deluxe DVD.

Check-out viewer comments below, and click here for a compendium of reviews and comments.

Click HERE to order the Deluxe DVD from Kunaki DVD, payment through PayPal. 

The price is $18.75 for the Deluxe DVD–plus ground shipping (or air to countries outside the USA). Shipping averages $5 to $7.


To Order the Original DVD:

Click HERE to order the original DVD from Kunaki DVD  The price is $14.75 plus ground shipping (or air to countries outside the USA). Shipping averages $5 to $7.

Check-out viewer comments below, and click here for a compendium of reviews and comments.

These are the extra sequences on the original DVD, totaling approx. 20 minutes of bonus footage, including:

Two extra scenes featuring Mark Mothersbaugh, movie soundtrack composer and DEVO co-founder

Turntablist/producer/author DJ SPOOKY, aka Paul D. Miller

An exploration of the mysterious 1959 album THE UNEXPECTED by Raymond Scott & The Secret Seven, the all-star jazz legends supergroup whose identities remained confidential for decades

Tom Rhea, Ph.D (Berklee College of Music) explains Scott’s early keyboard synthesizer invention, the Clavivox

MOOG synthesizer co-inventor, Herb Deutsch, recalls Scott describing the Electronium

Even if you’ve seen the film at a screening, there’s a lot more on the DVD (and you’ll be helping support the film).  The DVD is NTSC region-free, the film run time is 98 minutes.  Also, we now have other merchandise like film and Electronium T-shirts and a coffee mug available via our “Merch Table” page, click HERE to have a look.


(In the unlikely event that there are problems with the DVD, or you fail to receive it which happens once in a great while,, please contact WaterfallFilms@gmail.com — do not return to Kunaki as they are not equipped to handle returns, and if you don’t receive within a couple of weeks (though you’ll usually receive in about a week in continental USA, a bit longer abroad,) please contact us instead of Paypal)

39 responses

5 10 2010
Gail Robinson

Stan,I’m so glad you’ve completed the DVD production. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it; you did a fantastic job! I came away with an insight into your father’s personality and how it affected his career and relationships. More importantly, you chronicled his many accommplishments, and left no doubt that he truly was a genius. The tempo of the film and your organization of the material, kept the viewer’s interest throughout. Congratulations it is a wonderful tribute to your father. Because of your effort, I am sure many people will come to know of Raymond Scott.

6 10 2010



6 10 2010
Stan Warnow

Yes–it’s region free NTSC Video….

10 10 2010
Ted Kooshian

Hi Stan –

I received the DVD yesterday and watched it this morning – really fascinating film, all the way through. Great job putting it together! I loved it. Thanks so much.

14 10 2010

Just finished watching the documentary. Outstanding work. Definitely worth the wait. Thanks for all you’ve done. Now convince Mark to finish up the Electronium and release a collection of random compositions! 🙂

31 10 2010
Jeff Winner


An attempt is currently being made to restore the Electronium to working-order.

25 10 2010
Gunther Schmidt


Thank you for that outstanding documentary! I have enjoyed watching it and will now enjoy your father’s music even more.

Thanks again,


25 10 2010

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Scotty Iseri, Phil Nelson. Phil Nelson said: I'm looking forward to this documentary about visionary composer Raymond Scott https://scottdoc.com/DVD/ […]

26 10 2010

I can’t wait to see this dvd. I’ll order soon.

Thank you very much.

26 10 2010

I would really love to see this in theaters, but so far it looks like it has only screened in the Netherlands (Sept 17).

Would it be possible to list where it will be screening?

27 10 2010
Jeff Winner

Mr.Chirpsky: Not sure why you’d say that — it’s been screened approx. 25 times so far, with more planned — see this page for a list of upcoming screenings:


29 10 2010

Hi Stan

Great film!!!, I love it. I’ve done, as far as I know, the first review of the Deconstructing Dad DVD in spanish on my blog.


Warm regards

31 10 2010
Jeannie Weller Cooper

Received Friday. Watching it for the second time and came on here to order for my (ex!) father in law Robert S. Cooper, lute maker, musician. I’ll watch it again when I can- on deadline right now, but this is so rich and inspirational. Rock on Warnow family. P. S. I think there is material for a part 2.

6 11 2010
Peter Dekkers

Thank you Stan, for a glimpse into the life of one of my musical heroes. Can’t wait for the DVD to arrive in the mail.

All the best.

10 11 2010
Stan Warnow

Peter–thanks for your post, hope the DVD gets to you in Welllington before too long. BTW NZ is one of my favorite places on earth, have visited 4 times, including stops in Wellington…

all best,
Stan Warnow

29 11 2010
D/B Movie Feature: Raymond Scott documentary – Deconstructing Dad |

[…] Deconstructing Dad | Raymond Scott official website […]

29 11 2010

Need a digital download (filmbaby is a good method). Shipping to Egypt is too much with a 50% chance of it getting lost in the mail anyway . . .

3 12 2010
Stan Warnow

Thanks for the suggestion and recommendation–I am looking into VOD…

31 12 2010
Barry Saranchuk

Great DVD! Loved the whole thing,…..it fully added to my understanding of your father’s music and life.

Thanks for sharing it with us. Happy 2011 to you and yours!

17 01 2011

Just saw the documentary screened in Portland–learned so much and want to thank you for putting this amazing and honest history together.

29 01 2011
jez riley French

would like to screen this as part of the arts event season I run here in the north of the UK. Who do I need to talk to ?

28 08 2011
Tom Rhea.

Dear Stan,

Thank you so much for bringing your wonderful DVD of the life and works of your dad to light. It brought remembrances to me that were touching, and your portrayal of Raymond the man, musician, inventor, ring completely true to my vivid recollections of him. He was a valued friend, and valuable mentor, whose intelligence and musicality I miss to this day . . .

22 01 2012
DECONSTRUCTING DAD-The Music, Machines and Mystery of Raymond Scott | Creative Audio Works llc

[…] Dad, now available on dvd, is directed and produced by Stan Warnow, Raymond’s son from his first marriage. It’s a […]

6 04 2012
graham wing

ooh would looooove to see this – any chance of a uk release? hugs

18 04 2012
Stan Warnow

Hey Graham–thanks for your interest. A UK theatrical release is unlikely though that would be great–the film was shown at the Glasgow and Sensoria festivals awhile back. But you can order the DVD on this page–it is in NTSC video format but should play on any modern UK DVD player as I believe they are all now multi-format, and certainly should play on your computer. Let me know if you have any other questions….
-Stan Warnow

8 06 2012

This DVD looks and sounds very promising – are there any subtitles, English or otherwise?

8 06 2012
Stan Warnow

Hi and thanks for your inquiry–unfortunately there are no subtitled versions, though if there were enough demand it would be possible, what languages are you interested in? Are you thinking of English closed captioning or ???

14 07 2012
Steven A Artz, M.D.

Just ordered the DVD
My father was your Dad’s accountant in the 30 & 40’s
Did he have a brother. I remeber meeting 2 Warnows when I was a kid.

30 07 2012
Jeff E. Winner

Yes, Raymond Scott’s brother was Mark Warnow, and he was also a bandleader: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Warnow

6 11 2012
Sidney Martins Canella

I`m Sidney and I’m writing from São Paulo, Brazil!
I’d like to know if you could send the DVD to Brazil because I’d like to buy it!
Documentary is so hard to get into the theaters in my country and I really love the Raymond Scott’s electronic musics

Glad to know about it!!

13 12 2013

Is the Deluxe DVD a properly pressed DVD replicated/manufactured from a glass master or is it made on-demand using (cheap) recordable DVD media?

18 12 2013
Stan Warnow

Thanks for your comment, and happy to supply the answer: It is in fact a duplicated DVD-R–like some 2500 DVD titles for sale through Amazon CreateSpace, including classic studio feature films (and of course there are many other sites with DVD-R’s for sale). Doesn’t mean it’s cheap (costs per unit are about the same) or as far as I’m concerned (along with thousands of other filmmakers and distributors) improper, as a niche film that I knew might have very limited sales I believe it’s entirely proper to sell duplicated DVD’s that can be manufactured “on demand.”

Reason is that minimum runs for glass master pressing are usually 1000, and I was originally doubtful I could sell anything near that, and have heard depressing stories about filmmakers spending their limited funds to order 1000 replicated DVD’s and ending up with boxes full of ones they couldn’t sell filling up their closets. Fortunately after 3 years I have sold more than 1000, but there was no way of knowing that in advance. As Amazon writes in their description about CreateSpace it “enables Amazon.com to offer music and video content that might not otherwise be available.” Totally applies to my film.

As far as longevity goes, estimates vary as DVD’s haven’t been around long enough to know for sure how serious degradation will be. The main factors are handling them correctly, scratches, dust and fingerprints will cause far more problems for DVD reliability over the short and medium term (0-20 years in my opinion) than media degradation–as long as the media is stored correctly. I recently replayed the first DVD I ever made myself in 2007, (6 years ago) and it still plays perfectly. And I’ve had playback problems with studio produced feature films on DVDs that come from glass masters. DVD’s haven’t been along enough to establish long term baseline data, but I’ve read plenty of reports suggesting DVD-R’s can last anywhere from 20-100 years, and this seems perfectly reasonable to me–and bear in mind that nothing lasts forever, including celluloid, magnetic tapes, optical media, hard drives etc. But let’s revisit this in 15-20 years and see what’s happened–I’m certainly interested to know!

Hope this helps clarify how you feel….
–Stan Warnow

23 08 2014
Pierre Fontaine

Hi Stan. I rewatched this DVD last night and enjoyed it even more this time around. Your father was a fascinating individual and a dreamer whose imagination could not be contained, only expressed in his music. I intend to purchase some of his music as soon as I can. Thank you so much for making this movie and revealing your father’s genius to a new generation.

13 09 2014
Stan Warnow

Pierre-thanks so much for your kind words, they mean a lot to me. And of course especially gratifying to know you watched twice!

7 09 2015

Any chance you could put this up on Vimeo as a pay to view?

7 09 2015
Stan Warnow

Well, great timing on that inquiry (hint, hint). Stay tuned for news about that very soon, and I do mean very….
–Stan Warnow

10 12 2017

When clicking one of the links above for ordering the DVD, only the “normal” DVD appears in the shop, not the Deluxe-Version.
Is there only the Deluxe-Version to be shipped these days?
As I would like to get it shipped to Germany, I’d like to know in advance which version it would be…
I saw the documentary a few years ago in a screening in Berlin. So, I am really interested in the additional content.

All the best,

10 12 2017
Stan Warnow

Jan–thanks for info. But as far as I can tell both versions are available on the DVD/VOD page. For some reason even though I just changed the colors the links for the Deluxe Version are not appearing in a different color than normal text, so I can understand why you might think they aren’t active, but they are working, as well as for the original version. Just click on the CAPTIALIZED “HERE” where indicated for either buying the Deluxe Version sirect from Kunaki or via Paypal payment. Sorry for the inconvenience, and let me know if any more problems.

Thanks for supporting truly independent film….

All best
Stan Warnow

4 03 2019
blaze dvds

really awesome site

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