Kansas City

21 01 2008

Along with the Raymond Scott brain trust of Irwin Chusid, Jeff Winner and Gert-Jan Blom, I spent last week in Kansas City, MO at the Marr Archives at the University of Missouri Kansas City Miller Nichols Library.  This is the location of thousands of hours of Raymond Scott recordings—he recorded virtually everything  so there are rehearsal recordings, air checks, interviews, phone conversations and of course commercial releases.  Also, in the Special Collections at the Library are thousands of Raymond Scott documents, schematics for the musical inventions and personal and professional still photos.  The whole experience was fascinating!  I shot a lot of material there and am now beginning to integrate it into the rough cut of the film. 



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4 02 2008
Paul Needler


Another little reference that you may want to point out in your film is the influence that your Dad even had on Rock Music. Namely, RUSH, hailing from my home town of Toronto Canada. In one of their songs, “La Villa Strangiato” (From the album Hemispheres in 1978), they have a movement where they pay homage to the mid-part of your Dad’s song, “Powerhouse”.

It might be worthwhile to get the band members’ take on this piece and what it means to them. They could be reached through their company, Anthem Entertainment Group here in Toronto. I would speak to each of the three members, if you can, as they each have a unique perspective on their music, and that of the music that the pay homage to.

Highly anticipating the Doc release.


Paul Needler
– Musician

28 02 2008
JP Neufeld

I’ll be performing “The Happy Whistler” at the Raymond Scott Centennial Concert in Montreal, and I just wanted to say what a privilege it’s been to duplicate his work. I had never heard of him before this – it’s amazing to see (and hear) the wonders Raymond had been creating right under our noses. Can’t wait for the film!

– JP Neufeld

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