Incredible Raymond Scott Concert in Montreal

16 03 2008

Monreal Raymond Scott Centennial Celebration

Monreal Raymond Scott Centennial Celebration

I was in Montreal last week to attend a Raymond Scott Centennial concert/celebration at Concordia University in Montreal. The driving force behind this stellar event was Adam O’Callaghan, a student at the university.  He devoted himself nonstop for the last several months to making this concert happen, and it was an amazing event. There were five different performance groups, Quintette, Big Band and Secret Seven (a Raymond Scott recording only group from the late 50s) ensembles, and two groups of electronic musicians, plus dancers and multimedia audio visual support. Adam, who is a multi-instrumentalist, played sax in all three traditional instrument groups.  It was an inspiring and unforgettable evening for all who were there—and some footage that I shot there will probably end up in the film or elsewhere. A huge thanks to Adam for making this happen.



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27 10 2008

Interesting to know.

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