Yes, it has been awhile…

9 09 2008

Well, once again I haven’t posted in awhile, though not for lack of news.  There is some more good news, but that’s one of the reasons I haven’t been posting!  I’m currently very busy preparing to present the film as a work in progress at  the Independent Feature Project’s (generally referred to as IFP) Independent Film Week event in NYC.  This is a week long, very large market type event, which also includes panels and symposia on all kinds of topics related to independent film.  It’s a competitive event—many films get rejected—so it’s tremendously satisfying to have been chosen to participate.   Many U.S. and foreign distributors, film festival reps and cable and TV network reps attend looking for what’s on the horizon.  I’ll be screening excerpts from the film and already have meetings scheduled with distributors who are attending.

The other big news is that the film has received another grant, this one from the New York State Council on the Arts.  Again, this is very satisfying and a real sign that the work I’m doing on the film is resonating with people who have a chance to view the samples I’m submitting.

Equally exciting to me is that I’ve now received an original animated sequence that will be used in the film.  It’s been done by a wonderful animator named  Scott SanGiacomo and uses animation to fancifully recreate part of a Raymond Scott radio broadcast from the 1930s.    Scott’s friend and colleague Dave

A frame from the animation...

A frame from the animation...

O’Malley contacted me a couple of months ago and volunteered their services just after the idea of an animated sequence had popped into my head—their timing was perfect.  And now it’s a reality!   To learn more about Scott here’s a link to his website

Of course another reason I haven’t been posting frequently is that I’m still editing away on the film, but do feel I’m on schedule to finish up by the end of this year or very early next year as long as I have the funding in place to do so, because as I’ve mentioned previously making films is expensive and even with the grants I’ve now received money is still tight for the production.  So if you’ve just won the lottery, or have even a little spare cash, donations are still very much needed and very much appreciated!



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