Happy Birthday Dad….1908-2008

10 09 2008
Drew's Limited Edition Print

Drew's Print

Today, September 10th, 2008 is Raymond Scott’s  birthday.  And it’s a very special birthday–the centennial of his birth, the beginning of his centennial year.  One of my goals since starting this film was to have it finished by sometime in the centennial year, and I’m on track to accomplish that.  So I feel that as well as being a way for me to finally get to know the father that in some ways I barely knew,  my film is also my 100th birthday present for my father! 

Also, here’s a link to Irwin Chusid’s Raymond Scott blog which has two wonderful birthday tributes from Irwin (Director of the Raymond Scott Archives, as well as Raymond Scott authority and album producer), and Jeff Winner, who runs RaymondScott.com and is also an RS authority and album producer: http://www.raymondscott.blogspot.com/  AND, on the blog you’ll also find info about a limited edition centennial print by renowned caricaturist (and Scott fan) Drew Friedman (shown at left).



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