Still Moving Forward…

31 01 2009

Well, again it’s been quite awhile since my last post–there just hasn’t been that  much to report.  However work is still proceeding on the film.  In November I went to California and did some more interviews there, and have been incorporating that new material and doing further editing and revising.  Raymond Scott’s life and music are so complex and dense that it’s a constant quandary for me trying to do justice to all the extrordinary events and music that make up the story.  So I’ve actually had several different versions of the complete film, and am now honing in a final cut. 

I’ve also begun submitting the current version to various festivals and will of course be posting any relevant news  on that front as it happens.

And to all who have contacted me with various thoughts and forms of support, as always that support is hugely appreciated.

I expect to have some more significant news within a week or so, so stay tuned!



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