A New Title–Deconstructing Dad–The Music, Machines and Mystery of Raymond Scott

18 02 2009

Yup, after a lot of discussion and thought I’ve decided to retitle the film!  (This is news that I referred to in my previous post).There are a lot of reasons for this–while I liked the old title of Raymond Scott–On To Something, there was something undeniably vague about it, and if you happened to be distracted when my half-sister Deb spoke that phrase in the beginning of the film, it would always be a mystery.  And in fact at one of my screenings for an old friend, that’s exactly what happened–at the end he asked me why I had used the title, he didn’t understand it. 

Also, the original title, while intriguing in it’s way,  didn’t really convey enough about what the film was about, in particular that it was a film made by one of the children of the subject.   Now, it does, and I did want to make that aspect of it clear.   And finally, there are some other, family related reasons for the change as well, and perhaps I’ll go into those at a later date

If any readers out there have thoughts about this new title I’m certainly interested in learning about them, comments are welcome.



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