Festival News–Film to be shown at Biografilm Festival in Italy

22 05 2009

biografilm_festivalDeconstructing Dad has been selected for showing at the Biografilm Festival  (website is only in Italian) in Bologna, Italy!   In many ways this is the ideal festival for my film because it is a “celebration of lives,” and it’s always been my intent for my film to celebrate my father’s life as whole, not just one of its many and varied phases.  The festival runs June 10-15, and the film is scheduled for showing on the Friday, June 12th, and I am going  to be there.  I will actually be there for the whole festival, as  coincidentally this year’s festival also is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock Festival, and as I was a cameraman and editor on that film, they’ve also asked me to participate in their Woodstock events.  And as my film is being shown out of competition, they’ve also invited me to be a Juror for the films in competition.  So it will be a busy week, but one I’m really looking forward to….

I’ll be postiing more news as it develops….and in looking at this site tonight I realized I hadn’t posted in over three months.  The main  reason for that is that this is very much of a one man operation, and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I need to do, and my highest priority has to be working on the film.  Also,  there hasn’t been much new until this recent festival development.  Once I finish the final version of the film, which should be fairly soon, I’ll have more time to keep this site up to date!



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