Biografilm in Bologna

16 07 2009

I finally have a few minutes to report on the festival.  It was a greatHere I am, stragegically posed outside the festival theaters. experience and the film was very well received at our screening–which was attended by a good mix of other filmmakers and the local audience, and a whole new group of people now knows about the music and life of Raymond Scott.  There were lots of good comments and discussion afterwards and some other filmmakers were very enthusiastic about the film.

It was also a really enjoyable to participate in other festival events as jury member, and  there were panels about music in film and the Woodstock film that were a trip back in time for me.
I’m now making some further revisions on the film but will be locking it up within the next few weeks as I now have a mix scheduled for early August.

I’ll be posting more as news develops….



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