The Wire Interview!

22 03 2010

There’s a pretty extensive interview with me in the April issue of The Wire–the UK”s cutting edge music magazine with world wide readership.  It covers a lot about Raymond Scott and the film, and I get a chance to sound off on a number of film and Raymond Scott related topics.  And there are some pictures too!  I believe they’re publishing a review of the film next month.  Stay tuned! 

And if you’re in England, especially in the North (or in Scotland for that matter), a reminder that this weekend on March 28 there’s that event at the Sage Gateshead Jazz Festival in Gateshead, co-produced with the Northern Lights Film Festival.  I’ll be there along with Stu Brown of The Raymond Scott Project.  I’ll be showing excerpts of the film, Stu’s group will play, and there will be a presentation of original animation created in a workshop the day before by a group of youngsters  and presented with Stu’s group playing live.  And also there will be a panel discussion with Stu, Alyn Shipton of the Times and me.  Whew….it will be a full program, and I’m really excited about it.  For more details click on this link .  Hope to see you there!



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31 03 2010
Jason Odd

I just read this piece and found several point of interest intersecting.
As a fan of electronic music, this doco and article would stand alone as something of note, but the Honeymoon Killers is one of my favourite films as well.

I used to be part of the Australasian network for the distribution of the Message To Love DVD, although times have changed and that’s someone else’s deal now, I loved that doco, and of course Woodstock is the point where film and music reached a whole new audience.

Then of course we have the wonderful Electronium, one of the great devices of the music industry, perhaps a little too special for the world of pop music, but an incrediable device-instrument.

Looking for any word of when we might get screenings over here in Australia, hoping I haven’t missed this film already.


1 04 2010
Stan Warnow

Great to hear from Jason, I see we have a lot of intersecting life vectors. Not sure about Australian showings, there have been none to date, but would love to have the film shown down under. I’ll check on festivals there, and welcome suggestions from anyone in the know!

8 04 2010
Jason Odd

Thanks Stan, there’s a group Umbrella Entertainment who might be worth checking out, they do DVd distribution and have tie-ins with film screenings for independant films.



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