A Sellout!

9 08 2010

Great to see the title on a marquee,and that's me in front

In the best sense of the word, meaning the screening at the Don’t Knock The Rock Festival in L.A. on Thursday Aug 5th was totally sold out!  The Silent Movie Theatre where the event took place seats 180, a fair size theater, and they still had to turn some people away.  It was a tremendous evening, the audience response just

Every Picture Tells A Story....

wonderful, in fact the film (and me I guess) got a standing ovation, which was a first, and I’m sure I was blushing.  It just couldn’t have been a better evening, and thanks again to Allison and Tiffany Anders who program the festival, and to Hadrian Belove and Bret Berg of Cinefamily that run the theatre.



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