Upcoming Festival Screenings

8 09 2010

There are two upcoming festival showings, and the way the world so often works, they’re on the same dates.  Unfortunately of course I can’t be at both.  One is at the KLIK animation festival in Amsterdam, and that’s the one I’m attending.  The screening is Friday night, September 17th.  Here’s a link  http://www.klikamsterdam.nl/overview_page.php.  So if you’re based in Western Europe, especially of course Amsterdam, hope to see you there.

Here’s a link to the second:  2010 Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival. Temecula islocated in California, about 90 miles South and West of Los Angeles , and this is a very impressive event, with lot’s of media attention and film world people in attendance and I’m really regretting not being able to be there, but hope you can!



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