Montreal and Austin Dec 10-14 — Reflections

18 12 2010

Finally have a few minutes for a post-trip update.  It was a whirlwind few days with wonderful and memorable screenings in both cities.  The Rialto in Montreal is an exquisite classic movie palace that is in the midst of a restoration project, though the orchestra level is now completely finished.  It’s a beautiful space and it was a thrill to screen there.  The  event was produced by Adam O’Callaghan, a fine musician who has been playing

Adam and Me Post Show — Tired but Happy!

Raymond Scott music in one form or another for several years now.  He performed with his group Le Nouveau Raymond Scott Quintette before the two showings of the film.  Ezio Carosielli, the owner of the Rialto was also essential to the making the event a reality with generous support of Adam’s production of this unique Raymond Scott mini-festival.

Was supposed to leave for Austin the next day, Sunday, but bad weather in Chicago resulted in the flights being canceled, so got to spend an extra day in Montreal, one of my favorite cities.  On Monday made it to Austin, which is also a wonderful place to visit and definitely a new favorite.  The screening there was part of the “Music Monday Signature Series” at the Alamo Drafthouse, which is an incredible place to screen.  It’s been called “America’s coolest movie theater,” and with good reason.  They serve-up a unique blend of movies, food and drink, and it’s a real movie lovers paradise.  We had a full-house for the screening and a great QA, with a good blend of musicians and others, many of whom knew about Raymond Scott and had great questions to ask.  Thanks to Alamo programmers George Bragdon and Zack Carlson for their hospitality and inviting me to the event.

Next film showing is in Calgary at the Soundasaurus event at the EPCOR centre on January 7th.  More info on that in a few days, but I’ve just found out that the only Clavivox

Raymond Scott with the Clavivox — 1956

left in existence (as far as I know) will be part of the event.  In case you don’t know, the Clavivox was an early electronic keyboard instrument — basically a primitive keyboard synthesizer — that Raymond Scott invented in the early-1950s.  The first version was built around a Theremin assembled by Robert Moog.

So if by chance you live in that part of the world, hope you can be there.  I will be attending and really excited about seeing the Clavivox again.



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