2010 — Do Look Back

2 01 2011

Despite Bob’s advice, I am going to look back because it’s been a truly exceptional year.  A year in which the film has been at many wonderful festivals, both in the U.S. and abroad, and as a result I’ve traveled to lots of great places and met a whole spectrum of new friends and colleagues.

So I’m going to take this opportunity to give a thank you shout out to those who made this year one of the most exciting and satisfying of my professional life.  In the UK Ros Rigby and crew at the Gateshead Jazz Festival, Nigel Humberstone and Jo Wingate at the terrifically enjoyable Sensoria Festival in Sheffield, and Jon Kraus in Manchester who produced a splendid Raymond Scott tribute this November.  And ongoing thanks to Stu Brown in Glasgow for all he’s done for Raymond Scott’s music and my film in the UK.

Back in the USA thanks to David Kaminski and Matthew Seig of the Rockland Filmmakers group for organizing a great local screening, and Larry Applebaum at the Library of Congress for a great DC screening; Doug Whipple and Thom Mulligan for the filmmaker focused New Hope Film Festival in Pennsylvania; Allison and Tiffany Anders for their selection of the film for the Don’t Knock The Rock Festival in L.A., and to Hadrian Belove and Bret Berg of Cinefamily who started the ball rolling — this was one of the all time best screenings.  And I’ve just learned some exciting news — Allison and Tiffany selected the film for inclusion in their contribution to the See It Loud Best Music Docs of the Year list.  Thanks to Scott Parejo of the Carmel Art and Film Festival, a lovely event in a a lovely part of the USA; and to Leslie Harlow at the Park City Music Film Festival, where the film won a Director’s Choice Gold Medal.  And thanks/merci to Adam O’Callaghan who produced and played with his group at the scintillating Montreal event at the Rialto Theatre just a few weeks ago; then it was on to Austin’s amazing Alamo Drafthouse — thanks to programmers George Bragdon and Zack Carlson of for hosting the film as part of their Music Monday Signature Series.

Back on the other side of the Atlantic, gracias to Daniela Rosenfeld at the Barcelona Jewish Film Festival in July,  and to Miguel Malla of Racalmuto who initiated my visit with the festival and then performed with his group in a stellar outdoor concert of Raymond Scott music, — and dank u to Dario van Vree and everyone on the KLIK Animation Festival in Amsterdam — special dank u to Lucy van Kleef who was a tireless guardian angel and facilitator during my stay in Amsterdam in September.

AND….thanks to all the people who came to the screenings, participated in the QAs, and those who have also supported truly independent filmmaking by buying the DVDs.  The audience responses I’ve gotten this year make all the hard work and thousands of hours I’ve devoted to this film worthwhile.

Finally, perpetual thanks to Gert-Jan Blom, Irwin Chusid, and Jeff Winner — the Raymond Scott brain trust — who are great colleagues, friends, and consultants.  Their work on the Raymond Scott legacy is an ongoing inspiration to me…

Happy New Year to all!

Stan Warnow



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