Glasgow Festival — February 23

19 02 2011

To all my friends in the UK, particularly in Scotland, the film will be shown this week at the prestigious Glasgow Film Festival — one of the UK’s largest.  Here’s a link to the listing.  And in a great extra added attraction, Stu Brown’s Raymond Scott Project will be performing before the show — Stu’s group does great versions of the Raymond Scott Quintette’s classics and

Stu Brown's Raymond Scott Project

even have their own versions of some of the electronic compositions.  If you’re in the area, hope you can make it.

I wish I could be there, but it isn’t possible this time around as other commitments prevent me from attending.  But Stu is very knowledgeable about Raymond Scott, and he has graciously agreed to represent the film — he’ll be available to answer questions on an informal basis after the screening.

And in a brief look back, I was able to show the film at  the CTM/Transmediale Festival a couple of weeks ago in Berlin, and had a great few days there.  Thanks to Remco Schuubiers, Tania Wehrs and Leonor Jonker, and everyone at CTM for a great visit and screening.



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