LA and Sebastopol Screenings

3 03 2011

I’m making a brief California trip over the next couple of weeks.  On Monday, March 14th I’ll be showing the film as part of  Gerry Fialka’s “Documental” series at the Unurban Coffeehouse in Santa Monica.  Here’s a link.  Gerry’s long-running series offers an unusual structure where he’ll interview me for 60 to 90 minutes starting around 6 pm, and then the film will screen at 8 pm.  Gerry is a legendary curator, film historian, interviewer and Marshall McLuhan scholar, so it should be quite an experience.  And it’s a unique chance to see if I can actually talk and make sense for that long — I admit I’m nervous about having to hold forth for an extended period, so if you’re in the area please come and help me out by thinking of things to ask me!  And another not inconsequential attraction is that this series is free, though I’m sure buying food and drink will be appreciated….I don’t mean for me, though I’m open to offers!  Hope to see some of my L.A. friends there….you know who you are.

And then over the following weekend the film is being shown as part of the Sebastopol Documentary Festival, which was named one of the “25 Coolest Festivals of 2009” by Movie Maker magazine, and the only documentary film fest to make the list. Sepastopol is a lovely town in the wine country about an hour North of San Francisco, and has many notable residents, none of whose names I’m going to drop here, but you’d recognize them if I did.  I’m really excited to have been accepted by the festival and totally looking forward to being there.  The film screens Saturday night, March 19th at 7pm — here’s a link to the film’s listing.  If you’re in the Bay Area, hope to see you there.

—Stan Warnow

P.S. UPDATE #1: Jury Award Finalists for the Sebastopol Documentary Festival have been announced — DECONSTRUCTING DAD is one of 5 finalists (58 were considered). UPDATE #2: DECONSTRUCTING DAD has won “The Critic’s Award” (one other was given: the “Juried Award” for GOODNIGHT NOBODY).



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