The Raymond Scott Orchestrette concert at Lincoln Center, December 1st

30 11 2011


The New York based Raymond Scott Orchestrette, who appear in the film, are doing a FREE concert at Lincoln Center on Thursday night, December 1st at 8:30! This is the first performance by the 7-piece Orchestrette in quite awhile, and features the original line-up. The Orchestrette perform modernistic versions of my dad’s best-known works, many of which are well-known from Warner Bros. cartoons. The RSO repertoire also includes lesser-known, non-cartoon works like “Coming Down to Earth” and “Sleepwalker,” and acoustic renditions of his later electronica, such as Soothing Sounds for Baby‘s “Little Miss Echo.”   They will be playing their adventurous arrangements at Lincoln Center’s David Rubenstein Atrium on December 1 as part of Target Free Thursdays.  I’m attending-hope to see you there!
—Stan Warnow



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