Raymond Scott on 30 ROCK Thursday Oct 18!

17 10 2012

Yes, tune in tomorrow night for Raymond Scott’s return to NBC.  As you probably know, during the 1950s, Raymond Scott was seen by millions of NBC television viewers every week on the show YOUR HIT PARADE.  Tomorrow night (Oct. 18th), Scott’s music returns to NBC-TV — his tune “Rococo” will be the score for the closing sequence on the multi-award winning series, 30 ROCK. As Executive Producer and Composer, Jeff Richmond said, “I write all the music for 30 Rock and I wanted to thank you for the Raymond Scott piece. Truly hip. It has a very important use. It’s at the end and helps tie all the story lines together.”

I know this isn’t directly related to the film, but it’s all part of the Raymond Scott matrix and I couldn’t resist letting the readers/followers of this know about it.  And speaking of matrixes and connections, 30 Rock is of course the brain child of Saturday Night Live writer/performer Tina Fey, SNL is produced in studio 8H (at 30 Rockefeller Plaza), and that’s where YOUR HIT PARADE was produced in the 1950s — so it’s all connected!

Hope you can tune in and watch, I will be….

—Stan Warnow



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