Film now Available to Stream and Download!

8 09 2015

Deconstructing DadWell, finally! Big news, the film is now available for streaming and download on Vimeo, something a lot of people have asked for over the last couple of years. If you are one of those people hope you’ll order and also spread the word! Wanted to wait till September 10th so it could be part of the Raymond Scott birthday celebration, but some other plans prevent that, so we’re starting the celebration a bit early . Here’s a link to the order page on Vimeo .
Thanks and Happy Streaming!

And do want to note that the DVDs are still available and will continue to be.  There’s a lot of extra material on the DVD’s that isn’t on Vimeo, so if you want to know even more about Raymond Scott do order the DVD–link here
–Stan Warnow



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