Reduced Holiday DVD Prices….

30 11 2016

Once again, as if we were a real commercial enterprise, (Cyber Wednesday Evening!) we’re reducing DVD prices for the holiday season, price for the Deluxe is now DeluxeDVD Cover 12_131$19 and for the original $15.  Click Here To Order     These prices will only be in effect for a few weeks, so if you’ve been procrastinating about ordering for yourself or as a gift, now’s the time to act!

And as announced last year, but in case you missed it, the film is now available for streaming and download via Vimeo.  Here’s the link.  Sorry, but since the prices are so low can’t reduce further for the holidays.   

And also, we do have a small collection of T-shirts and even a Deconstructing Dad mug on our Merch Table page-click here to visit that page

And remember by ordering the DVD or something else you’re helping to support truly independent film.  Thanks!

-Stan Warnow



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