Berlin Techno Collective Discovers Raymond Scott

17 01 2015


Got an email a few weeks ago from Anastasia “Sissi” Rada, who is a Berlin based harpist who also studied electronic music.  She had just discovered Raymond Scott and realized (quite rightly in my opinion!) that among other accompllshments he was in many ways the father of Techno (which is a huge cultural phenomenon in Berlin).

Though her electronic music studies were at the university level there hadn’t been anything about Raymond Scott in her courses–an all too common omission!  Having discovered and immersed herself in in Scott music and lore over the past month or so, Sissi decided to help right a wrong by writing an article for Local Suicide–the famous DJ Collective she belongs Berlin (no, I don’t know how they arrived at that name–love to hear from someone who does!).  As part of that lively and entertaining article (with a lot of RS YouTube clips for musical examples) she sent me a number of questions which I did my best to answer, the interview is at the end of the article. Not directly film related, but hope you’ll allow me the freedom of going a bit off topic.  Here’s the link.

And thanks to Sissi for her hard work on this, and a big welcome to her on joining the ever growing ranks of the Raymond Scott faithful who work tirelessly to try and make sure the world gives my father the recognition he deserves!

–Stan Warnow

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