Best Documentary, Atlantic City Cinefest!

18 10 2011

Greetings from Atlantic City — OK, not literally as I’m back home, but I was in fact there this past weekend of October 14-16 for the 4th annual Atlantic City Cinefest, presented by the Downbeach Film Festival.  Not your normal type of film festival location, but that made it all the more fun and definitely unique.  The fest is run a by a dedicated group of film lovers headed by William Sokolic and they work very hard to create a festival that feels at once real and fantastical, given the Las Vegas inspired nature of modern Atlantic City (and there’s still a beautiful beach, boardwalk, ocean, and salt water taffy).  But I’m delighted to report that the highlight of the weekend for me was that “Deconstructing Dad” won the Best Documentary award!  A real thrill and thanks to Bill Sokolic, Joelle SokolicNed Eckhardt, and everyone on the festival staff  for the award and a great time in Atlantic City.  And thanks as well to George Stewart  who originally suggested that I submit my film to the festival….

—Stan Warnow

Downbeach Cinefest — Atlantic City — Friday, October 14th

8 10 2011

Back to New Jersey but not Asbury Park, a very different Jersey Shore town — Atlantic City and the Downbeach Film Festival.  It’s Friday October 14th at about 6pm (it’s part of a block of films that starts at 5pm, see this link to festival website for details) and the venue is The Screening Room located on the 13th floor of the Ocean Tower at the Resorts Hotel, and panel discussions will be held in The Director’s Room. The festival’s mission statement is: We are rooted in the celebration of film, and the creation of a forum where filmmakers can exhibit their work. The festival promotes new films, as well as filmmakers and actors all in an effort to celebrate the art form of moviemaking. Sounds good to me, and I will be there, and as an added bonus, I’ll be joined by Jeff Winner of the Raymond Scott Archives, who is a major character in the film.  Jeff has encyclopedic knowledge of Raymond Scott lore and legend, so it’s always extra special when he can attend a screening.  We’ll both be available after the screening for a Q&A.  And another bonus, this is likely the only public screening where attendees will also be able to gamble at will after the screening, so it’s truly a unique event!

Additionally, there’s a festival related preview interview with me on radio station WVUD Sunday night October 9th, hosted by George Stewart, who hosts a weekly show on the station and is the person who first contacted me about the festival.  It’s available on the air and online.  Many thanks to George and William Sokolic of the festival for making this all happen.

And looking back for a moment I had a great time over the weekend of October 1-2 at the All Tomorrow’s Parties “I’ll Be Your Mirror” festival in Asbury Park NJ, thanks again to Deborah Higgins and Barry Hogan, the festival organizers for a wonderful couple of days. And thanks too to Aidan Flax-Clark of Lapham’s Quarterly, who brought the film to ATP’s attention, and to Abbey Lustgarten and Jason Altman of the Criterion Collection for including the film in their curated film section at the festival.

—Stan Warnow

Jersey Shore Appearance!

25 09 2011

Click here for Festival WebsiteOK, now that I’ve got your attention I have to confess that I’m not going to be sharing the screen with America’s favorite Jerseyites — it’s actually something much cooler.  Deconstructing Dad is being shown at the ATP festival on October 2nd in Asbury Park, NJ — which is of course an ultra famous Jersey shore town known for it’s music scene.

ATP stands for All Tomorrow’s Parties — and they know how to throw great ones — this UK based clan stages festivals throughout the UK and for the last couple of years has sponsored events in the USA.  Rolling Stone magazine has called ATP event “The Perfect Rock Festival.”  And several of my UK friends have let me know how very special these relatively intimate events are.

The  legendary UK trip-hop group Portishead are the co-curators of the festival and the film section is being curated by the equally legendary Criterion Collection.  The film is being shown at 11:30 am at The Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel, 1401 Ocean Avenue in Asbury Park.  Admission is free as it is to all films in the program which include a lot of classics, such as my friend Bob Downey‘s Putney Swope, Belle de Jour, 12 Angry Men, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas many more — good company to be in for my film!  And me as well, as I will be there introducing my film, and then doing a brief Q&A.  Hope to see you there!

—Stan Warnow

FREE Screening at Unsound Festival — NYC April 10th

4 04 2011

Unsound Festival

In a refreshing change for me, the film is being shown this Sunday close to home, at the very cool Unsound Festival in Manhattan.  This is a cutting-edge electronic music festival now in its second year that has already made a major impact on the NYC cultural scene.

Unsound was established in 2003 in Krakow, Poland, as a festival of advanced music. Starting out as an underground event, in recent years the festival has grown in size and scope.  Unsound currently produces an annual festival in Krakow at the end of October each year and now has expanded with the New York event.

THE NEW YORK TIMES said the NY edition, claims a shrewdly amorphous domain: a zone in a virtual Europe where electronics, arty, multimedia experiments, chamber-music meticulousness, punk impulses and DJ dance beats may all appear amid clouds of noise. This festival’s aesthetic: high-tech, allusive and not to be pinned down.” But one thing that can be pinned down is the time and place of the screening: Sunday April 10th, 3 pm at the Goethe-Institut Wyoming Building, 5 East 3rd Street, just east of the Bowery.  Here’s a Google map link as well.  And this is a FREE screening.  I’m attending — hope to see you there.

Also, the festival, which is produced in tandem with the Polish Cultural Institute, has lots of other appealing events — here’s a link to the main website. Definitely worth checking out…

—Stan Warnow

Free Screening — Soundasaurus in Calgary Tonight!

6 01 2011

A quick reminder to all in the Calgary area about the free screening at the Soundasaurus festival at the EPCOR centre tonight, January 7th at 7:30 pm.  This event will be truly unique as the Clavivox, Raymond Scott’s early proto keyboard synth will be on exhibit.  As far as anyone knows, this is the sole remaining example of that instrument (I think only four were built).

The first version was built around a Theremin assembled by Robert Moog.

I’ve arrived in Calgary today, and will be there tomorrow, so if by chance you live in that part of the world, hope to see you  there.

And the event is FREE! Click here for info

Stan Warnow-Calgary January 7, 2010

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