Gateshead Jazz Festival Report

1 04 2010

Stu Brown Sextet Performing at the Gateshead Festival

Over the weekend of March 25-27 I participated in “The Raymond Scott Event” at  the Gateshead International Jazz Festival at the Sage Gateshead Center in Gateshead, England (it’s just across the river from Newcastle).  It was a wonderful couple of days.  The event featured excerpts from the film, a scintallating performance by the Stu Brown Sextet(  and a panel discussion with Stu and me that was moderated by Alyn Shipton, noted English jazz author and critic who writes for The Times ( 

We had a really good turnout, and one highlight of the afternoon was the presentation of abstract animations to Twighlight in Turkey created the day before in an animation workshop that Stu and his colleague Allan McKeown ( ran.  Several people approached me after the event wanting to know more about the film.  It was a very satisfying weekend, though a much quicker trip than I would have preferred, but I am going back to England for the Sensoria Festival in late April…

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