Library of Congress Screening/Sensoria

14 04 2010

Well, despite fears of nuclear summit gridlock the April 12 screening as part of the Jazz in the Spring series  at the Library of Congress turned out to be a rousing success.  The theater was almost full, and many of the attendees were Raymond Scott aficionados, but there were also several newbies who reacted enthusiastically to the film.  Afterwards there was lively Q&A.  All in all a wonderful night for the film and for me personally.  Thanks again to Larry Applebaum and the LOC for hosting the event.  And for those of you in the area, there are two more films remaining in this year’s series:

And for those of you in the UK, a bit of a reminder, the film will be having its UK premiere at the Sensoria Festival of Music and Film in Sheffield on April 27th.  This is a really cool festival and I’m very excited to be a part of it–I will be there for the screening and discussion afterward with Martyn Ware.  Update April 21–of course there’s some risk of my travel being canceled due to this pesky volcano situation in Iceland, but at the moment things are looking up for our Saturday departure….

Sensoria Festival in Sheffield Update

4 04 2010

The UK premiere is now locked in for Tuesday, April 27 th at the Sensoria Festival of Music and Film in Sheffield, England.  Here’s a link to the page for the film:

I will be attending and there will an interview and Q&A afterwords moderated by Sheffield native and electronica legend Martyn Ware, music producer and co-founder of The Human League, as well as  Heaven 17 and the Arts Council project Future of Sound.  I’m really looking forward to all of this…hope you can make it!

Gateshead Jazz Festival Report

1 04 2010

Stu Brown Sextet Performing at the Gateshead Festival

Over the weekend of March 25-27 I participated in “The Raymond Scott Event” at  the Gateshead International Jazz Festival at the Sage Gateshead Center in Gateshead, England (it’s just across the river from Newcastle).  It was a wonderful couple of days.  The event featured excerpts from the film, a scintallating performance by the Stu Brown Sextet(  and a panel discussion with Stu and me that was moderated by Alyn Shipton, noted English jazz author and critic who writes for The Times ( 

We had a really good turnout, and one highlight of the afternoon was the presentation of abstract animations to Twighlight in Turkey created the day before in an animation workshop that Stu and his colleague Allan McKeown ( ran.  Several people approached me after the event wanting to know more about the film.  It was a very satisfying weekend, though a much quicker trip than I would have preferred, but I am going back to England for the Sensoria Festival in late April…

Library of Congress Screening

16 02 2010

More good news! The film has been selected for screening at the Library of Congress’s Jazz Film Series in Washington DC. How cool is that?! The date is April 12th.   And…it’s free! (your tax dollars at work, so if you can get tickets, you won’t be cutting into what you need to send to the IRS on the 15th) . Reservations may be made by phone, beginning one week before the show. Call (202) 707-5677 during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm).   Here’s a link to their website listing for the series,  I’ll be there for a Q&A after the film, if you live in the DC area I hope you can make it!

Attn Brits: Two UK Festivals!

16 02 2010

The film is now scheduled for two exciting UK events over the next few months! Event one takes place March 28 at the Sage Gateshead Jazz Festival in Newcastle Upon Tyne, and is presented in co-operation with the Northern Lights Film Festival which occurs at the same time. It includes excerpts from the film, a performance by Stu Brown’s Raymond Scott Project, based in Glasgow, and a panel discussion with Stu and me that will be chaired by Alyn Shipton,  author and Times jazz critic.  For more details about the Sage Gateshead dates click on this link

The second event is at the cutting edge Sensoria Festival of Music and Film in Sheffield. This is the official UK premiere of the film–the festival runs from April 23-29, and the film is now definitely  scheduled for showing on April 27,  though the specific listing is not yet up on their website.   I’ll be posting again when more details but here’s a link to the overall Sensoria Festival website–the schedule is not yet up on their site.  I’ll be attending this event as well….

I’ll be posting with more info as it becomes available…

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