Milton Keynes Screens Film August 12th

3 08 2011

OK, I couldn’t resist a bit of wordplay — this isn’t a tease about a one person screening for someone with a famous early 20th century economist for a relative since, as most UK residents will know, and most Americans will not, Milton Keynes is a town about 50 miles Northwest of London.  The town boasts a thriving municipal art gallery — and here’s their mission statement: “MK Gallery provides free access to high quality, innovative and thought-provoking contemporary art from around the world.  In its programme MK Gallery stimulates participation and debate, building relationships between artists and audiences.”

Caroline Devine, the local sound artist who is currently exhibiting at the gallery came across the film and thought it would be a good idea for the gallery to show it as part of their ongoing festival/series Friday Night Films, and it has come to pass.  Here’s a link to the event — which is scheduled for Friday August 12th, prices are £5 (concessions £3).  This is another one I’d love to attend, Milton Keynes is clearly one of those cool UK places, but it’s just not possible at present.  But for those of you in the London environs (and Oxford, Cambridge, and Stratford), hope you can make it!  Thanks to Caroline and Ursula White of Independent Cinema MK for putting this event together….

And more announcements about the film coming up shortly!

—Stan Warnow

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