Raymond Scott Festival Update

4 07 2018

ScottworkdHappy July 4th and want to let all know that the Scottworks tickets are now on sale, and selling briskly, so if you’d like to attend don’t wait too long to buy.  Again, we’ve got some great panelists attending, including Herb Deutsch, co-inventor of the Moog Synthesizer, and Hal Willner, Grammy Winning music producer who Executive Produced the first Raymond Scott reissue–Reckless Nights and Turkish Twilights.  

Plus a lot of great exhibits, many of them interactive.  One of them will be a photo mural reproduction of the famed Raymond Scott Wall of RS Tape Decks Wall of SoundSound (a real one, not Phil Spector’s production style).  Attendees will be able to pose in front of it and channel their inner Raymond Scott.  Plus we’ve got a few surprises in the works.

And the evening concert will feature three time Grammy nominees Quartet San Francisco–they play unique string quartet versions of Raymond Scott classics.  Also appearing will be Skip Heller’s Carnival of SoulSkip is an incredibly eclectic musician and leader, and while he does play soul music he’s also a real authority on Raymond Scott (he’s great in the film), and is going to be playing tunes from across the Scott spectrum, including even his own versions of some Scott electronic music.

Our venue is the Colony Theatre in Burbank–we feel it’s the ideal space for us–a 268 seat theater with great acoustics and no bad seats, and always important in L.A. FREE PARKING.  Also important is food and drink–daytime tickets include coffee and pastries in the morning and a meet and greet reception that includes wine and beer after the day’s events and before the concert.  Lunch is not included but there are going to be food trucks right outside and lots of restaurant options in the adjacent Burbank Town Center.

Hope to see you at the festival in September!

–Stan Warnow

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