Free Screening at Yale University on April 6th

2 04 2015

sod_mastheadFollowers of this site are sure to notice there haven’t been many events and posts lately (but of course the DVD is still available). Once in awhile, though, an event comes-up, and this Monday promises to be very special. Through the efforts of legendary Mac guru David Biedny, who teaches in the Design Department at the Yale School of Drama, the film will be shown this Monday, April 6th, at 4:30pm, on the Yale campus — full address is 212 York Street, Room #106, New Haven, CT. I will attend, answer questions, and discuss the film (and whatever else comes up, and I expect it to be a lively discussion) afterwards. It’s a free event that’s open to the public, so if you’re in that area, hope to see you there! David Biedny

Huge thanks to David Biedny, and fellow Yale professor David Budries, for making this happen. I’m very excited to be showing the film at Yale!

—Stan Warnow

Berlin Techno Collective Discovers Raymond Scott

17 01 2015


Got an email a few weeks ago from Anastasia “Sissi” Rada, who is a Berlin based harpist who also studied electronic music.  She had just discovered Raymond Scott and realized (quite rightly in my opinion!) that among other accompllshments he was in many ways the father of Techno (which is a huge cultural phenomenon in Berlin).

Though her electronic music studies were at the university level there hadn’t been anything about Raymond Scott in her courses–an all too common omission!  Having discovered and immersed herself in in Scott music and lore over the past month or so, Sissi decided to help right a wrong by writing an article for Local Suicide–the famous DJ Collective she belongs Berlin (no, I don’t know how they arrived at that name–love to hear from someone who does!).  As part of that lively and entertaining article (with a lot of RS YouTube clips for musical examples) she sent me a number of questions which I did my best to answer, the interview is at the end of the article. Not directly film related, but hope you’ll allow me the freedom of going a bit off topic.  Here’s the link.

And thanks to Sissi for her hard work on this, and a big welcome to her on joining the ever growing ranks of the Raymond Scott faithful who work tirelessly to try and make sure the world gives my father the recognition he deserves!

–Stan Warnow

They Call it Cyber Monday–Reduced Holiday DVD Prices!

1 12 2014

DeluxeDVD Cover 12_131OK, this doesn’t really have anything to do with cyber Monday or the great T-Bone Walker song, but the phrase just popped into my head as I began writing this realizing that coincidentally it was coming out on “Cyber Monday.”  But it is a holiday bargain–once again we’re reducing DVD prices for the holiday season, $5 off both the Deluxe and Original DVD’s.  So the base price for the Deluxe is now $20 and for the original price is $15.  Click Here To Order     These prices will only be in effect for a few weeks, so if you’ve been procrastinating about ordering for yourself or as a gift, now’s the time to act!

And also, we do have a small collection of T-shirts and even a Deconstructing Dad mug on our Merch Table page--click here to visit that page

And remember by ordering the DVD or something else you’re helping to support truly independent film!  Thanks…….

–Stan Warnow

Screening at Dublin International Film Festival!

5 02 2014

Couple of new pieces of relevant info about the February 16th Dublin event.  Thought my interview went really well, (many thanks to Orla Barry at Newstalk Radio), and they’ve put it up as a podcast.  So if you’d like to listen to me holding forth, here’s a link.  And if you’re in Dublin Tower Records there tweeted: “We have tickets to the doc about Raymond Scott – Deconstructing Dad, at @DublinFilmFest on Feb 16. Fave & RT to win here.”

Both nuggets of information provided by the ever vigilant co-producer of the film and walking encyclopedia of all things related to Raymond Scott, Jeff Winner.

Again alot of the people who will read this know about my film, but in case you don’t, here’s a link to the trailer

And also again, I will be there — the film screens Sunday, February 16th at 1:30 pm at the Light House Cinema — Market Square, Smithfield area in Dublin — click here for more info on the theatre (the way it’s spelled in Ireland).  And click here for the link to the official listing for the film on the festival website.

Hope to see you at the screening!

 —Stan Warnow

Interview with Stan Warnow on Irish National Radio

31 01 2014

Shout out mostly to folks in the British Isles — was interviewed earlier today about the film by Orla Barry, Presenter of the arts and culture show The Green Room on Newstalk Radio in Ireland. Of course the interview has to do with the film’s screening at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival on February 16th — here’s a link to my previous post about the screening.

The interview will air  during the show which starts at 9pm local time Saturday night, February 1 — and of course even if you’re not in Ireland you can listen on line — here’s that link to the station’s home page.  9pm in Dublin is 4pm EST.

 —Stan Warnow

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